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Basic Info
What is the D.Y.M (Demonstrate Your Manners) Etiquette Initiative?
The D.Y.M Etiquette Initiative is a week long national initiative that increases
awareness around the need for etiquette, which invites schools,
churches, organizations and businesses participating locally during
National Etiquette Week, May 7 - 11, 2012.

Why the D.Y.M Initiative?
The D.Y.M Etiquette Initiative is a fun and easy way to foster the civility
message through activities, materials and recognition.  Since its
inception in 1997,
National Etiquette Week has worked to increase
awareness around the need for civility and the
D.Y.M Etiquette Initiative
honors this tradition on a national level through local participation.

What does the D.Y.M Initiative Provide?
ETIQUETTE WORKSHOPS:  Proceeds raised through the national  D.Y.M Etiquette Initiative provides
etiquette workshops for young men and women who don't have the opportunity to participate in formal
etiquette training.  Funds raised through t-shirt and materials sales will be used to support etiquette
instructors across the country providing these classes.

How can you get involved?
Getting involved locally is easy.  
Become an Etiquette Ambassador and run an official D.Y.M Initiative.
Purchase a D.Y.M t-shirt or etiquette materials. Wearing your T-shirt during National Etiquette Week
will help spread the word.
Nominate someone.  Recognize someone for demonstrating their manners or for their work
in the field of etiquette.

The D.Y.M Etiquette Initiative is a great way to increase
morale and encourage good will among colleagues,
co-workers and within the classroom.

What Do I Have to Do?

Designate your Etiquette Ambassador
Your Etiquette Ambassador will be a person that will coordinate the D.Y.M Initiative during National
Etiquette Week, May 7 - 11, 2012. They will be responsible for coordinating the initiative and gathering all
the appropriate materials to run a successful initiative.

Plan Your Activities
During National Etiquette Week, local campaigns will participate in etiquette activities designed to increase
awareness about etiquette and recognize those who demonstrate their manners during etiquette activities.  
Click here to review national etiquette week activities.  

Promote the Poster
Download and fill in the dates for National Etiquette Week and place it in a common area designated by
your organization's leader.  You can also download civility posters to hang throughout the week.

Spread the Word
Send out emails, tweet and facebook! Pass out the D.Y.M fliers, or wear your t-shirt. All the materials you
will need can be downloaded by clicking the Initiative Materials tab at the top of this page.

Anyone seeking to purchase a t-shirt, materials or seeking to donate can log on to the UrbanGirlz, Inc.
website and make their secure purchase online.  For organizations needing to write a check, all checks
should be made out to UrbanGirlz, Inc.

Download and print out  Certificates of Appreciation for those who participated in the D.Y.M Etiquette

The Results
We want to know how you did.  Submit your pictures, testimonials and fun facts to so
we can display throughout the month of May.
We Need Some Help

Click here to register for the Site
Etiquette Ambassador's call scheduled
Thursday, April 19th and 26th, 2012 at
7:00 p.m.
Central Standard Time.

Gain the tools you need to run a
We'll Do Our Own Thing

Don't have the time to run a full D.Y.M.
.  NAUEP makes it easy for you
to participate even if you can't run a
full campaign.  Click in
to find out
National Etiquette Week
May 7-11, 2012
Register for Ambassador's Call
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.  If you can't run a campaign, log
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